Self PortraitI’m an artist, a dancer, and an accountant. I run a weekly lunchtime disco in York with Milena Dragic, and make work involving dance and movement, often with Chris Beale. I also paint, mainly as a personal practice, and have some involvement with clay.

I was born in 1970, grew up in Scotland, did a maths degree at Cambridge University, then spent a year living in Japan. While I was there I saw really wonderful pots and by 1995 I was learning to be a potter in York. This included a four-year apprenticeship at Coxwold Pottery in North Yorkshire with Jill and Peter Dick, and two years of mentoring with Maggie Barnes. Two of the highlights of my career as a potter were showing at Christmas Present at the Shipley in Gateshead in 2004, and being in Earth and Fire at Rufford in 2005.

By 2006 I’d started full-time office work in an engineering consultancy in York, where I still work (at the time of writing in May, 2017). I made this move for financial reasons at the time, but it’s worked out very well all round. I really value the financial security that it’s brought me, the social interaction that I get in the office, and the intellectual stimulation that I get from my work as a chartered accountant in a finance team for a company with 400 staff.

In 2011 I managed to go part-time in the office, intending to go back to pottery. I built a couple of kiln sheds and kilns and did a couple of firings, but by 2014 I was showing my new paintings at home in East Yorkshire Open Studios.

In 2013 I started dancing 5 Rhythms with Chris Boylan in York, and did this quite regularly for a couple of years, then moved more towards contact improvisation. I also had an introduction to dance performance with Sam Lawrence in 2015, taking part in her community dance curtain raiser for Rosie Kay’s 5 Soldiers performance in York. Since then I’ve been able to access a wonderfully mixed diet of dance and movement workshops, largely through Yorkshire Dance, Improvisation Exchange Leeds and Wainsgate Dances.