Peace Dance

York Peace Dance 2018

Print detail by Milena Dragic

This is a ritual dance for peace, which allows each person taking part to participate in their own way, tapping into their own wishes and desires for peace. Facilitated by Milena Dragic and Ian Howie

Preparation day Saturday 7th April 10am to 4pm, York, venue tba

Morning – we’ll spend time developing our intentions or interests to do with Peace. We’ll use a structure that comes out of several contemporary dance practices including Tamalpa and Authentic Movement – we’ll spend time moving with a question, then paint or draw, then write, then talk a little. It might be like movement meditation or prayer or a bodily philosophical investigation. We’ll use this to work towards each making a short spoken intention that will form part of the Peace Dance.

Afternoon – we’ll work on the physical structure of the dance. It’s called a dance, but the movements are mainly running, jogging and walking, with the choice to move between them as you like.

The actual dance – Sunday 6th May,  outdoor venue tba

Morning – preparation for those running. (You may come along on the day and take part.)

Event – 3pm – It will last for about an hour, after which we’ll eat and relax together.  All are very welcome to participate as watchers.


I first heard of the Planetary Dance in November 2015 when I was reading Anna Halprin’s Moving Toward Life. The idea of a community ritual peace dance intrigued me a lot, and it turned out that a friend had been in a workshop in California with Anna Halprin about it. I then looked online and got in touch with Misha Horacek, who trained with Anna in 2013 to lead new incarnations of the dance, including Planetary Dance London. I’ve been involved with the London dance for nearly two years now, along with York artist and performer Milena Dragic.

This is an offshoot of the Planetary Dance London. It draws heavily on that, and is created in communication with Misha Horacek. We hope that the York Peace Dance will be its own dance, created jointly by those who take part.

Milena Dragic website –

Misha Horacek website –

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