Peace Dance

I got involved with Misha Horacek’s Planetary Dance London in 2016 after reading about the original Anna Halprin dance. Dance ritual is a field I’m very interested in.

Sustaining a London Peace Dance 2017

Print detail by Milena Dragic

Offered in place of the cancelled Planetary Dance London 2017. Please note the new date and location.

3pm to 5pm, Sunday 17th September – The Bandstand, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4NT

Meet at the bandstand at 3pm and we’ll discuss where exactly to go.

This is for those interested in Misha Horacek’s Planetary Dance London, which took place in 2015 and 2016. Misha can’t be in London this year so it has been cancelled. This action is to keep things simmering, with the hope that Planetary Dance London will happen again next year. Any one else who is interested is also very welcome. We are meeting on the Sunday before International Peace Day.

We will carry out a short ritual-type action that we plan and agree together, with the intention of keeping the London peace dance simmering until next year. We can then spend some time together – dancing, singing, eating, drawing, or something. This is a co-created event!

Please bring:

  • An object which has significance for you about peace, be it personal or world peace.
  • Some words or thoughts about what peace means for you. To prepare and develop this beforehand, you can spend some time moving or dancing with this question, then draw or paint, and then write – possibly coming up with a few words and a physical gesture.
  • Some food.

Information about the Planetary Dance itself:

Planetary Dance was founded in 1980 by American choreographer Anna Halprin. It evolved from a response to a series of murders on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California, and the subsequent closing of the mountain to the people for whom this place was home and regarded as sacred. Anna Halprin led the community to make a ritual dance event as a way to channel the pain and bring healing and transformation. Since that time the ritual score (or structure) of this dance has been used to bring together people in joined creative action to embody qualities of harmony and unity. Read more at

Planetary Dance is a Ritual Dance – a dance with a purpose. It is repeated over time, and so it gains strength. Planetary Dance has dozens of events happening annually worldwide, and there is a strong matrix in existence, a global support web.

In 2013 Misha Horacek (Canadian-Czech performance artist of international standing) trained with Anna Halprin and James Nixon at Tamalpa Institute in California to lead new incarnations of Planetary Dance. In 2015 she founded Planetary Dance London, which was repeated in 2016. The hope is for it to happen again in 2018.